DT 114

THE DT 114 is a device that was developed by Control Engineering Group for detection of medium and high voltage AC by proximity, being another safety accessory for professionals who work with electricity. When approaching a conductive environment or energized equipment, the device instantly alerts the professional in an audible, luminous and vibrating manner.


  • Compact, simple and easy to use
  • Made for indoor and outdoor activities
  • water resistant design
  • Has self test function
  • Audible, light and vibrating alert
  • Rechargable battery


  • Applicable for 50Hz and 60Hz
  • Beeper volume >65dBa Im distance
  • Operating temperature and humidity: -5°C -70°C and 50%
  • Lithium Polymer Battery
  • External dimensions 62(W) x 22(H) x 59(L) mm
  • additional accessories
  • 1 Bracelet 1 Helmet Support 1- USB Cable

Extension Monitor

THE Extension Monitor was developed by Control Engineering Group to supervise and report occurrences of voltage failures in electricity distribution networks. It allows for immediate actions to restore the electricity supply, mitigating the Average Service Time – TMA and Equivalent Interruption Duration per Consumer Unit – DEC.


  •  Installed on the 220V or 127V low voltage network through flexible cables (3 phases + neutral) with 1kV insulation and a length of 1.5 meters
  • Mounted in a polypropylene box with IP65 and aluminum fixing brackets
  • Battery with autonomy of 16 hours
  • Communication of power failure events via the wireless network
  • Self-test function that allows simulation of equipment operation at the time of installation


  • Recording of contacts to receive event flags
  • Possibilidade de mudança remota dos contatos gravados no equipamento por meio de Protocolo Serviço de Mensagens curtas – SMS
  • Automatic verification and confirmation of equipment operation every 24 hours (Keep Alive)
  • Indicação visual interna para identificação individual de falta de fase e neutro e sinal de rede.

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