Changes and evolutions only arise when there is courage to break barriers and change existing paradigms, and that is what happened in 2000, when one of the first companies of the Control Engenharia Group, Control Tecnologia, was born. Uma empresa genuinamente cearense, formada por profissionais do mais alto nível de engenharia e que tinha como objetivo: trazer ao mercado uma empresa focada na Implantação de Equipamento e Sistemas de Automação, no Controle em Subestações de 34.5 69 e 230kV, e sendo pioneira na área de Automação de Energia, Automação de Subestações e Chaves de Distribuição de Rede Elétrica no Estado do Ceará. Atualmente o Control Engineering Group has a team fully capable of developing increasingly creative and innovative solutions in the Electrical and Electronics Engineering sector for the local, national and international market.

With a vision ahead of its time and driven by the success it has achieved since its inception, in addition to the growing demand, the Control Engineering Group inaugurated its second company in 2007: Control Industry. This new company appears with the same DNA as its older sister, focused on the search for solutions through creativity and innovation, but with differentials in its structure, by bringing together exceptional professionals with super specific skills, so that it was possible to aggregate, add and create products that make life even easier for your customers.


Exceed expectations
customers with sustainability and innovative solutions, ensuring excellence in results,
with motivated employees engaged in a collaborative culture.

To be recognized nationally as a reference company within the energy segment,
in research, development and engineering solutions, guided by quality, reliability and satisfaction
of its customers and other interested parties.

  • people safety
  • Integrity and Commitment
  • Innovation focused on customer needs
  • Team work
  • Focus on results
  • Focus on customer satisfaction
  • Appreciation and commitment to the development of people



• Compliance with the deadlines agreed with the client

• Preventive action to the health, safety and quality of life of the parties involved

• Adoption of practices aimed at a healthy and safe work environment

• Compliance with legal requirements, requirements applicable to interested parties and the requirements of the

  Control Engineering Group

• People development

• Maintenance of the laboratory's service level, which guarantees compliance with technical and regulatory criteria

  and accreditation bodies, as well as possible specific customer requirements

• Ensuring confidentiality and impartiality in all your processes

• Clean, safe and efficient production process

• Conducting research and development of products, processes or services that meet the demands

  of your customers

• Ensuring cooperation and partnership with suppliers

• Integration and interaction, of its employees and stakeholders, with the SGI requirements of the

  Control Engineering Group

• Evaluate the opportunities relevant to the development of this Integrated Management System

Control Engenharia
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